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Piano Lessons At Home Increase Learning & Parental Involvement

In Home Music Lessons and Piano Lessons At Home

A question often comes from parents looking for piano lessons for their child: should I take piano lessons at home, or should I take lessons at a studio? While there are pros and cons to each, there are extreme benefits to taking piano lessons at home that simply cannot be overlooked. 

In-Home Piano Lessons will benefit you FINANCIALY & SAVE YOU TIME 

  1. Save Time. If you were to drive to a studio or teacher’s home for lessons, you’ll spend an average of 15-20 minutes driving there, 15-20 minutes driving back home, plus you’ll wait around for the 30-45 minute lesson. That’s well over an hour of your precious evening taken up just making the lesson happen.

  2. Save money. While the direct cost of in-home piano lessons is usually higher than the direct cost of studio lessons, there are indirect costs to consider as well. When you add up the amount of gas money spent driving back and forth to a studio or teacher’s house, plus the gas money spent driving around during the lesson or waiting in your car, you’ve just spent a few dollars. Multiply that by one lesson per week, and in-home lessons suddenly aren’t as expensive, are they?

  3. Save Gas/miles on the road. An in-home piano and music lesson company, Starlight Music Lessons, did an excellent case study on how taking in-home piano lessons equals less miles driven overall. View this case study called "Music Lessons Go Green."

In-Home Piano Lessons will benefit your LEARNING EXPERIENCE 

  1. Parents Can Be More Involved. Taking piano lessons at home allows parents to play a more active role in their child’s learning. Parents can listen to the lesson take place—even if at a distance, hearing the lesson will help you understand their progress and curriculum better. This allows you to monitor your student’s progress, which will make for a much more effective and motivating learning experience.

  2. Students Remember What They Have Learned. Learning and practicing in the same location increases memory and retention. It’s harder for a student to forget new concepts and assignments when they are practicing at the same piano the learned the concept on. When a student is in an unfamiliar location for lessons, such as a studio or teacher’s home, they often forget what they learned by the time they go home and practice. This usually has nothing to do with the teacher or the curriculum, but with the simple aspect of location.

  3. Students Will Be Better Prepared. When a student must pack up their music books and materials to go to a lesson at a studio or teacher’s house, things inevitably are forgotten and left at home. It is difficult for a teacher to be 100% effective when a student does not come prepared with all materials and books. When a student takes piano lessons in their home, the “forgetfulness factor” has no bearing on the quality of the lesson. 

There are benefits for both in-home piano lessons and studio piano lessons, and certainly the quality of musical instruction will be the main deciding factor. However, the convenience, financial benefits, time saved and learning benefits of piano lessons at home are convincing many parents that enrolling in-home piano lessons is the best choice for their family.


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