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Practice Pals Pricing

You receive three 15-minute practice sessions per week (an average of 12 per month). That’s 45 minutes per week, one on one with a qualified Practice Leader. Our Practice Leaders are trained instructors who also teach in-home lessons. They are fun, energetic, and excited about helping you succeed.

You would expect 45 minutes with a Practice Pals Leader to cost the same as 45-minute lessons with a teacher. After all, you receive 45 minutes of one-on-one time with a qualified instructor, specifically trained in helping students practice! 

But, we are so passionate about the Practice Pals program and the positive influence it will have on your family that we lowered the price in order to make Practice Pals available to more people. The Practice Pals program, giving you 45 minutes each week of one-on-one instruction costs only $140 / month!

That’s a $185 value, giving you $45/month savings!

As always, there are no registration fees, and you commit to only one calendar month at a time.

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Scheduling Practice Pals

- You receive three 15-minute practice sessions per week (an average of 12 per month), one-on-one with the Practice Leader.

-Your three sessions will be scheduled for the same days/times each week.

Example: Mondays 4-4:15, Wednesdays and Fridays 5:15-5:30

-Times are available almost any time of day. We can hold Practice Pals sessions when it is convenient for you:

Mornings before school/work

Afternoons after school


During the day for home schoolers, pre-schoolers and adults and during summer break.

Don’t worry, if you need to change your regularly scheduled days/times, you can. For example, daytime spots during the summer can be changed to evening spots during the school year.


Practice Pals session are held online via Skype/webcam. You will need the following to participate in Practice Pals:

-Computer, tablet, smart phone, or an i-something near your instrument with Skype installed (it's free and easy to use!)

-High-speed Internet and a Web Cam with microphone.

I developed the Practice Pals program to resolve the two challenges above. By working with a Practice Pals Leader, the students will progress faster in less time and more readily see their progress (if they can’t see it, the Practice Leader will point it out to them). The Practice Leader will also provide the social interaction that many people need (kids and adults alike) to thrive and focus on something.

While I wish I had a Practice Pals Leader to help me when I was younger, I am grateful for the challenging practicing experiences I had. If it weren’t for those experiences, I wouldn’t have the background and tools I need to help so many others today. So, I dedicate the launch of this program to my parents who paid for lessons all of those years and encouraged me to keep going; and especially to my Mother who was the driving force behind getting me to practice. It would have been easier for her to let me quit lessons. But she toughed it out as she always has, and now I’m here with the ability to help other students develop a love of music, and yes, even a love of practicing.



Founder & Director of Starlight Music Lessons

So Why Did You Come Up With This?

I am Melodie, the founder and director of Starlight Music Lessons. I am the creator of the Practice Pals concept and program. To our knowledge, we are the only studio or company offering this type of program to its students.

I have been a teacher for 15 years and a trainer of music teachers for 7 years. As the owner of SML, I have personally spoken with hundreds, if not thousands, of students and their parents. For years I was the one who registered all of our students, and I was the one who handled it when they cancelled lessons. It was heartbreaking to see that the vast majority of students who stop lessons do so because of practicing. And I really could see why they would give up. I gave my parents THE WORST DRAMA when practicing time came. My poor mother earned many a grey hair forcing me to practice. I am really thankful she did force me though. If she hadn’t forced me to practice despite my tears and arguments all of those years, I wouldn’t be where I am today and most importantly, I wouldn’t have music in my life for enjoyment, self-expression and relaxation.

Since I personally experienced the struggle of not wanting to practice but being forced to anyway, and currently being on the other side of that, I have a unique perspective to offer. I now know that there are two main reasons why kids don’t like to practice (and adults too!):

1. They don’t readily see their progress each time they practice.
This can be because they don’t yet know HOW to practice efficiently; or maybe because they aren’t recognizing the small steps they are taking and that many small steps lead to giant leaps.

2. They enjoy and need social interaction.
Learning an instrument can be very solitary at times. For some personalities, the “alone time” is great. But many people need to interact with others in order to enjoy and thrive at an activity. That doesn’t mean that these type of people are doomed to a life without music. It just means that they could use a PAL to guide them through the practicing process. This was my particular challenge.

Practice Pals
In a Nutshell

We take the dread out of Practicing!

Practicing is a must. Period. But practicing can also be fun! Our Practice Pals program is an add-on program available to those taking lessons. Your in-home lesson teacher gives new assignments and instruction as always. When you enroll in Practice Pals, your practice leader guides your practice sessions three times per week online via webcam. Practice Pals makes your practicing fun, engaging, efficient and motivating. Students who practice regularly will progress faster, enjoy learning more (since they can quickly see progress) and are more likely to build a life-long love of music.

Experience Practicing Without Pain

You already know that practicing is essential for progress and growth. But practicing is often a challenge and frustration for the entire family … believe us, we've been there personally as teachers, parents and even as students! Yes, even many of us teachers gave our parents headaches and trauma at practice time!

Did you know that the number one reason people stop taking lessons is because of practicing? We teachers hate to see great talent wasted (as well as the parents’ time and money gone!) when someone decides that consistent practicing is too challenging to accomplish. But practicing doesn’t have to be stressful for parents or students! Practicing doesn’t have to involve tears or fighting. Practicing doesn’t have to be a drain on your energy and time!  It's Time To Have:

Fun practicing (yes, practicing can be fun!)
Efficient Practicing (make more progress in less time!)
Practicing without a fight (yes, you can enjoy stress-free practicing!)

The Practice Pals program is designed to supplement in-person lessons, not replace in-person lessons. Your in-person teacher will still introduce new concepts, teach technique and skills, select the curriculum, and do all the things a teacher usually does. Your Practice Pals Leader will follow the teacher’s practicing assignments and guide the student through the assignments in a fun and energetic way. Working with a Practice Pals Leader will:

-Make your practice sessions more efficient so you can practice fewer days and/or progress faster.

-Make your practice sessions fun: meaning no more fights about practicing!

We teachers hear this all too often: “My kid loves taking lessons with you. She’s so
excited when she knows its lesson day. But when I tell her to practice, it’s like pulling teeth trying to get her to do it!” Imagine if your child (and you!) looked forward to practicing as much as they look forward to lessons!

For lesson policies and policies specific to Practice Pals, please see our POLICIES page.